So it’s raining outside. And, um, inside, too. If this is normal, then you’ve missed the entire point of having a roof, and maybe home ownership isn’t for you. Otherwise, you’ve got a leak. Here are some tips to deal with the problem.

My Roof is Leaking – What Do I Do?

Cool shingles are increasingly popular because they can lower air conditioning bills, extend the life of a roof, and save the homeowner money. Some cool shingles even qualify for a tax rebate. Ask us for all of the details on your upcoming project.

Are Cool Shingles Worth the Extra Cost?

Inadequate attic ventilation leaves you vulnerable to condensation — and therefore rust, rot, and mold. Too much ventilation, on the other hand, can leave you with exactly the same problem. So how do you find a balance?

Attic Ventilation: It’s All About Balance

Obviously, if you see a single drop of water coming from your ceiling, you want to investigate the source right away. But a leaky roof won’t always announce its presence that readily. That's why it is recommended to have you roof inspected twice a year.

Leaky Roof? The Dangers of Waiting


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